Teutopolis Village Board last week approved an ordinance amending the village government policy prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace.

Other municipalities across the state have adopted similar changes in accordance with recent action by the General Assembly against sexual harassment. The state legislation required local government bodies to update their anti-harassment policies as past abuses have been revealed nationwide in the entertainment industry and among government officials. Many have been revealed through the #Me,Too! movement through social media.

The intent of the state mandate was to ensure all government entities in Illinois have clear policies against sexual harassment and how employees can stop it or see that offenders are disciplined.

The changes to the anti-harassment policy provide clarity on reporting incidents, prohibiting retaliation against those reporting any harassment, definition of what constitutes harassment and other rules as mandated by state lawmakers.

Similar changes have been enacted by the Effingham County Board, Effingham City Council and Effingham Public Library Board.

The vote was unanimous during the January 3 village board meeting. Answering roll call were Trustees Dan Zerrusen, John Mette, Kenny Esker, Joe Schumacher, Greg Oseland and Dave Tegeler.