Ttown Banquet Hall

The Teutopolis Banquet Hall bar area was recently renovated with improvements, including new lighting, new flooring, fresh paint and new bar stools.

By Kim Jansen

News Report Staff

The 40-year-old building has been a place where community members come together to celebrate, cheer on local teams, gather with family and friends and spend time with neighbors.

The Teutopolis Banquet Hall, formerly known as the Teutopolis Knights of Columbus Hall, hosts several events each year and serves as the venue for many special events, including weddings, baby showers, holiday parties and family reunions.

With the building showing its age, members of the building association agreed it was time to remodel areas of the venue, with projects beginning this year in the bar area of the facility.

“Everybody was getting tired of seeing the dark brown paneling,” laughed John Bushur, president of the building association. “The bar basically needed updating, and we wanted to give it a fresher look.”

Projects to the bar area included new flooring, new lighting, remodeled bathrooms, fresh paint, new bar stools, a fireplace, new televisions and a new gaming area.

“Things are looking great. It is night and day,” said Bushur. “If people haven’t been there in awhile, they wouldn’t know they were in the same place.”

Other renovations included removing the wall between the bar area and the meeting area, and replacing it with an accordion-style door, allowing the bar area to be expanded for larger events.

“We will be able to accommodate bigger crowds in the bar area,” said Bushur.

The board has future plans for the building, including updating the large banquet room, but Bushur is uncertain when those projects will take place.

“We may decide to do it in phases,” he said.

Bushur said the bar remodel could not have been accomplished without the help of volunteers.

“A lot of guys devoted a lot of time for this project,” said Bushur.

Bushur hopes people will come in and enjoy the family atmosphere of the facility.

“We hope people come in and enjoy the new look,” he said.