Ttown mobile app

The Teutopolis Unit 50 School District has a free mobile app available to parents and students.

By Kim Jansen
News Report Staff
The Teutopolis Unit 50 School District launched a mobile application late last spring in an effort to communicate with students and parents regarding school-related issues and activities.
According to Superintendent Bill Fritcher, the district decided to pursue the creation of the app to create another line of communication for parents and students.
“We are always looking for ways to improve communication. We believe this helps,” said Fritcher. “While we know we can’t force the consumer to look at our information, the best we can do is to make the information accessible in as many different formats as possible.”
The Teutopolis Schools application is free and can be downloaded to mobile devices that operate on both Android and iOS operating systems. Currently, 151 Android and 450 iOS users have downloaded the app.
Through the mobile app, users have access to a variety of information regarding the school, including Notifications, News, Events, Staff Directory with contact information, Lunch Menu, Documents including daily announcements, and links to social media sites operated by the district.
Fritcher said the district continues to explore different components of the app, which is operated and administered through a platform called Thrillshare, allowing administrators to post to the school’s website, mobile app and social media networks in just one click.
“Our hope is that we will be more efficient and be better at communicating with our community,” he added. “The world is changing in the way it consumes information. We have to be willing to change the manner in which we provide it.”
For those without smartphones, the Live Feed and News sections linked into the app are also available on the district’s website at and on the district’s social media pages.
Fritcher said the next step for the app is to talk with other schools that are using the platform and application to get new ideas on how the app can be utilized.
“I think our next steps are to get together with other school districts using this platform/application and discover their successes so we can use the tools effectively,” said Fritcher.