Crossroads Walkers

The Crossroads Walkers, who are walking from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. to promote Pro Life, were in Effingham last week. The four afternoon walkers attended Mass at Sacred Heart Church before resuming their 3,200-mile pilgrimage. Pictured (left to right) are Alexandra Cobos, Fairfield, California; Micah Braunsroth, Wahoo, Nebraska; Tom McMullin, Godfrey, Illinois; and Alison Gonzalez, Mexico City, Mexico.

News Report Staff

Micah Braunsroth describes his walk across America as a sacrifice.

“As great a travesty as abortion is, a great sacrifice is needed,” Micah said. “It’s something that has affected our society as a whole. We need to pray and do our best to protect the unborn.”

Micah, along with eight other Crossroads Walkers, was in Effingham last week. Five host families at Sacred Heart Church fed and housed the walkers, who have been on the go for nearly two months.

This group left San Francisco on May 19. Their goal is to finish the 3,200-mile trek in Washington, D.C. on August 14, just in time for the Pro Life Rally.

“This is a prayerful pilgrimage to promote the gospel of life and the human dignity that’s been lost in America ever since Roe v Wade,” Micah, the team leader for the group, noted.

The nine walkers hail from seven different states, plus one is from Mexico. Their ages range from 20 to 34.

They generally cover 40 to 60 miles per day. There is a morning shift that walks from sunrise to noon and an afternoon shift that takes over from noon to sunset. There is also a van that accompanies the group. Each individual walks in two-mile increments then rides for two miles. They will each walk between 10 and 15 miles each day.

“Staggering it like that keeps us fresh,” Micah explained. “We’ve had a few blisters and a couple sprained ankles. But everything has healed quickly.”

Micah, 22, is from Wahoo, Nebraska. He attends a community college in Lincoln, NE, studying firefighting. His future goal is to be a fireman.

“I was in seminary for two-and-a-half years,” he said. “I guess you could say I’m going from saving souls to saving lives.”

The group has spent some nights in RV parks along the way, but primarily they stay with host families.

“We’ve been blessed with a lot of great host families this trip,” Micah admitted. “We’ve received a great taste of Christian charity.”

The group celebrates Mass every day.

“We have morning and evening prayers and we pray all four mysteries of the Rosary,” Micah said. “It keeps our spiritual life going. It helps knowing God is on our side.”

Following Mass at Sacred Heart and goodbyes to their hosts, the group headed east on Route 40 toward Terre Haute.

“Overall, the weather has been pretty good,” Micah noted. “The humidity since leaving Colorado has been brutal at times. And there have been days we’ve been pretty tired. But knowing we’re doing this for a good cause is what keeps us going.”