Perfect Pals

Alex Eirhart (left) helps Kenny Davidson with his Bingo card during a recent visit through the Perfect Pals program.

By Kim Jansen

News Report Staff

Acts of kindness are seen each and every day in our community.

It can be as simple as holding open the door for someone, helping someone carry groceries to the car or reading a story to a preschooler at the library.

Or, acts may be a bit bigger like food drives, recycling days and fundraisers for local organizations.

Whether they are big or small acts, it doesn’t matter!

The Effingham County Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize all of the great ways that community members create kindness through these acts.

The 100 Acts of Service campaign, which runs through 2017, was one of the many ways in which the Chamber selected to celebrate its 100th year of service to the community.

“We know there are so many things done every day all year long without people giving any thought of getting credit for it,” said Chamber President Norma Lansing. “But, we want to know what those things are and showcase it to the community. We want to reinforce that this is a very caring community.”

The Chamber is almost to the halfway mark, with around 50 acts of kindness that have been submitted so far. But, Lansing knows there are so many more acts out there that just haven’t been submitted.

“We live in a great community, and we want to continue to encourage others,” said Lansing. “I am very pleased with the variety we have received so far.”

Acts submitted have included an E-Recycling Day, hosted by The Effingham Performance Center and The Suzzette Brumleve Effingham Public Library; a TREC service day by New Hope Church; a change drive by Big Brothers Big Sisters; and a Witches Walk fundraiser.

Although some of the acts have been bigger projects, Lansing said the act doesn’t have to be a big act, just something that shows kindness.

“The act doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. It just has to be something to show people that you care,” said Nansing.

To submit acts of kindness, the Chamber has a simple form that can be picked up at the Chamber office, located at 903 N. Keller Drive in Effingham; or by going to the Chamber website at The website also lists potential service project ideas that could be completed.

The Chamber is also aware that some service projects have already been completed and is happy to include those on the list.

For more information, contact Steve Raymond at 217-342- 5583; Greg Sapp at 217-347- 5518; Michael Wall at 217-347- 1854; or email