Library Christmas kits

The holiday-themed kits at the library include a variety of activities — three books, a DVD and a craft.

By Kim Jansen

News Report Staff

It’s Christmas magic — at least for parents, grandparents and caregivers who are looking for fun holiday-themed activities for children.

The magic all starts with a festive cloth holiday bag, and from there, it is filled with a variety of activities, including three story books, a movie, a craft and a suggested activity.

It is the perfect treat for families who are looking for holiday-themed activities and crafts for their children. And one of the best parts, the kit includes all the materials needed. So there is no reason to hit the craft aisle at the store, which usually leads to an overabundance of left-over supplies.

The folks behind the magic are the librarians at the Suzette Brumleve Effingham Public Library.

Library Program Coordinator Vicki Funneman said each year the Children’s Section of the library has 22 Holiday Kits available for checkout. They feature a variety of themes like candy canes, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Winter Solstice, reindeer and snowmen.

“We try to stick with the topic of the kit,” said Funneman. “Anything winter you can think of, we probably have a kit for it.”

The kits were introduced three years ago and are brought out for the holiday season.

“They are great,” said Funneman. “They don’t stay on the shelves very long. A lot of families will bring one back and grab another one for the next weekend.”

Although the bags can be checked out for two weeks, like all library items, Funneman said it is preferred that the kits are returned in a week, so that all families get an opportunity to check out kits.

The kits are geared for ages 8 years and under, but Funneman said older kids also may enjoy the activities and crafts.

“The kits give you a jumping off point,” said Funneman. “It provides an afternoon of activities that are already put together for you, so you can spend time together without having to worry about coming up with ideas on what to do.”

Funneman added many people are unaware of all the great activities and items that are available for checkout at the library.

“A lot of people just don’t know what all we have,” she said. “There is still this feeling that libraries are quiet places. But here, especially in our children’s section, it is a place to come, play and explore.”

She laughed adding that there are not any “Shhhh-ing” librarians at the Effingham library.

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