Duane Guffey

Duane Guffey

It is with great sadness the Effingham County Board announces the passing of Effingham County Coroner Duane Guffey.

Duane was taken ill while at home on the afternoon of Thursday, Feb. 15. Emergency responders arrived at his home and coordinated efforts resulting in Duane being transferred to HSHS St. Anthony where he was treated. Upon being stabilized, Duane was transferred to HSHS St. John’s in Springfield, where he suffered complications and passed away.

Following the Illinois Compiled Statutes, Effingham County Sheriff David Mahon is the acting coroner until completion of the process of filling the appointment of a coroner to succeed Duane. This process is as follows:

Within three days, Effingham County Board Chairman Jim Niemann shall notify in writing Rob Arnold, the chairman of the Republican Central Committee, of the vacancy created by Duane’s death since he was elected as a Republican.

Arnold will then notify the County Board Chairman of a name suggested to fill the vacancy and the county board will then vote on whether to accept the person suggested. Once the county board votes to accept the person to fill the vacancy, that person will be sworn in as coroner to fill the position until December 1, 2018. This process will be completed within 60 days.

The Democratic and Republican parties will be able to caucus and present a nominee to run for the office of coroner in a special election to be held along with the general election this coming November. Those nominations have to be received by the County Clerk’s office by end of business on June 4, 2018.

The Effingham County family wishes to extend its deepest condolences to Duane’s family and many friends. We appreciate his years of tireless service to the county and our communities. He will be greatly missed.

We would also like to thank the members of the Effingham County Sheriff’s office, the Illinois State Police, the Effingham County Coroner’s office, the Effingham Police Department, Abbott Ambulance Service, the staff of HSHS St. Anthony’s Emergency Room and everyone else who helped in treating Duane.

We would also like to personally thank the resources from our neighboring counties and the staff of the Coroner’s Office, Sheriff Mahon and Chief Deputy Kuhns, States Attorney Bryan Kibler, and County Clerk Kerry Hirtzel in their assistance in working through the process of filling the vacancy of office because of Duane’s passing.

Rest in Peace Effingham County Coroner Duane Guffey.