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Matt Poss Band

Matt Poss Band to perform holiday concert

Bringing the community together one time a year for a good cause is what the Matt Poss Band strives to do.

They will perform their annual Holiday Homecoming concert Saturday at the Effingham Performance Center. The concert will begin at 7 p.m.

They will be performing with The Sampson Jones Gang and Jeremy Adam and the Surviving Members.

Matt Poss, a singer and songwriter, loves coming back to his roots and playing for people in need.

The Matt Poss Band wants to spread some holiday cheer to the military families and let them know that they are thinking about them during this holiday season.

“We had the honor of going on tour overseas during Christmas one year and saw what a big impact that had,” Poss said. “We love playing for our veterans and this year we are going to show the concert live on Facebook so they can watch in real time if they want to.”

The band started in 2008 and has been touring the country since then. They have been as far south as Texas and as far north as Wisconsin.

His band doesn’t play much around Effingham anymore, but around this time of year they like to give thanks to the place that always welcomes him home.

“When we got started, we played here once a month. But as time went on, we got busier and don’t do that much anymore,” Poss said. “We figured it would be a good idea to bring our family and friends together once a year and have a benefit.”

This year they are raising money for the Heartland Hurricanes swim team. They have raised money for the Wounded Warriors in the past. In the past, they have raised as much money as $10,000 and some years as little as $800.

“It really depends on the weather,” Poss said. “One year we had a really bad snowstorm and didn’t raise any money. In fact, we lost money because there was six inches of snow on the ground one hour before the show and no one showed up.”

Poss loves being on stage and enjoys hearing people sing his songs back to him. Since grade school, Poss has been writing songs and performing them. He got his first band together when he was only 12 years old.

One time Poss was performing at one of his concerts and he didn’t play a song one of his fans really wanted to hear.

“After the show I brought my guitar out and played it for him,” Poss remembers. “He sat there and cried the whole time I played it. I could tell it meant the world to him.”

Poss is very thankful for his band. They bring his songs to life. Before every concert the guys come together for a drink and tell each other “We get to play tonight.” For musicians, it’s hard to get their name out and tour the country.

“I’m very thankful for everything we have accomplished,” Poss said. 

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