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Juggling Jeff teaches kids the importance of books

Juggling Jeff, or Jeff Koziatek, juggled for all ages at Effingham High school on Thursday.

The Effingham Public Library hosted the event and had been looking forward to Juggling Jeff’s performance since booking him.

“He had come in to town once before, and since then, I’ve had parents come up to me and ask when he was going to be back,” said Sara Smith, youth services manager for the library. “Juggling Jeff has such a great message on why reading is important. He just does it while he is juggling.”

Jeff has been juggling since he was four years old. Now he is a nationally recognized performer, producer, life coach and an award winning speaker. Jeff has been juggling professionally for 17 years and has no reason to stop.

Every year Jeff tours the country and usually performs approximately 300 different shows. Every show he has is different and attracts a different crowd.

“I love hanging out with people and making them laugh,” Jeff said. “Beyond the lights, beyond the show, there’s always one thing that stays the same, and that’s people connecting with people.”

In this case, Jeff had an entire crowd of kids and parents waiting to see him balance on a ball while jump roping.

“My goal is to always try and engage the audience with my quick wit, high energy and a lot of interaction,” Jeff said.

During his shows, Jeff likes to bring audience members up and assist him with his juggling.

For example, he had one child pick up his juggling balls and told the audience to clap once she put them on the table. After doing so, he couldn’t believe how fast she picked them up and this was repeated three times making the kids laugh and giggle.

“I love to entertain,” Jeff said. 

In preparation for Juggling Jeff, the children had arts and crafts and were able to make their own juggling balls so they could learn at home after the show.

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