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Humane Society looking for volunteers

Volunteers are needed at the Effingham County Humane Society.

For the cats, there is a morning shift available. Individuals come in, clean the cat room and feed the cats. That shift will last between one and two hours.

For the dogs, there are three shifts available. The morning shift starts around 8 a.m.; the afternoon shift at approximately 3 p.m.; and the tuck-in shift between 8-9 p.m.

During the morning shift, volunteers will clean the dog room, walk the dogs and feed the dogs. This shift will last about 2 hours.

During the afternoon shift, volunteers will clean any kennels that may need to be cleaned, walk the dogs and feed the dogs. This will take between one and two hours, depending on the help and how long you are willing to walk and spend time with the dogs.

During tuck-in, volunteers come in to let the dogs outside for the evening and bring them back inside. If there are kennels that need to be cleaned, that would be done as well.  

There are also opportunities for volunteers to help at fundraising events, doing laundry, cleaning, writing thank you letters, taking dogs to nursing homes, etc.

The Humane Society likes to have at least two people per shift. If an individual signs up to volunteer on their own, we can pair them with other single individuals.  

Some volunteers know they have free time, for example, on Tuesday afternoons. We will schedule them on the calendar every Tuesday afternoon for dog care. If they are unable to cover their regularly scheduled shift, they reach out to find another volunteer to take their place.

If volunteers don't have a set time they can volunteer, we have a calendar that goes out daily. This calendar has all open spots that we need filled to take care of the animals. Our volunteers can then email or call and tell us what day and time they can help. It does not have to be the same day and time every week.

A lot of people worry that it will be too sad or that they will want to take all the animals home. It's not sad. It's a very happy place and it's an amazing feeling when you hear the news of one of our “furbabies” finding their forever home. The volunteers help make that happen. They make a difference.

Volunteering is also a great experience for kids. We have parents who bring their children with them to assist. It's a great learning experience. With younger children, it is required that an adult be with them.  

Once someone fills out a volunteer application, we will work with them to schedule training. They will come in on a shift with our existing volunteers.  

Applications are available at the shelter and can also be found online at The applications can be emailed, faxed or delivered during shelter hours.

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