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Alana Jackson hangs one of great-grandma June's bell ornaments on the Christmas tree, while little brother Aaron looks on.

Bell ornaments special to Hubbard family

Submitted by Maria Hubbard

My mother always hung a lot of bells on her Christmas tree. She liked to hang them in little clusters in bare spots on the tree.

When she passed away, I ended up with all of her bells. We always put them on the Christmas tree the same way she did every year.

My little granddaughter never met my mother, but has always been fascinated with stories about "Grandma June" and she fell in love with the bells. Over the years, several of them broke.

One year, we were hanging Grandma June's last bell on the tree and it fell to the floor and shattered. I burst into tears, of course.

But as we were going through ornaments, we found one more bell!

So every year we carefully wrap it and pack it away and the next Christmas, my granddaughter Alana always hangs it on the tree. It gives her a little connection to the great grandma she never met. 

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