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Larry Lappin received the Habitat Hero Award for his work with Effingham County Habitat for Humanity.

Lappin wins Habitat Hero Award

Almost every year Habitat for Humanity builds a new home for a family in need.

Habitat for Humanity of Effingham County has been around for 16 years. One member, Larry Lappin, current building coordinator, was recently awarded the Habitat Hero Award by the Habitat for Humanity of Illinois.

Lappin was the first president of the local chapter. After being off the board for a while, he has returned as president.

“They let me off the board, but they said you have to keep building for us,” Lappin said jokingly. “A lot of the board’s job is fundraising in order for us to build another house.”

“I just keep working and showing up because I have great volunteers that come and help me,” Lappin said. “I don’t think I work anymore than the next guy, but it does feel great at the end of the day to see what good we did for somebody.”

The volunteers work every Saturday until the house gets finished.

They have been working on a house in Effingham since late August and will hopefully be done by mid-January. It’s the first Habitat home to be built in Effingham.

“I love starting a home, I love building one, and I really love finishing one,” Lappin said.

The local Habitat organization receives money from fundraisers, but they also get most of their funds from payments made to them by previous families they have helped out.

“We get back money from the previous homeowners we built houses for,” Lappin said. “That money we receive goes back to us in order for us to build another house.”

Habitat for Humanity is always in need of volunteers. The group has retired carpenters and others who come and do whatever they can to help. The families the houses are being built for also help build their own house.

 “You don’t have to specialize in anything. We have people who ask what we need help with and we find something for everyone,” Lappin said. “I enjoy working with the various volunteers, and at the end of the day, we get to see our work and get instant gratification.”

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