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Bill Lobb, crossing guard for South Side School, waves at people driving on Fourth Street. He loves waving, hoping it brightens their day.

Crossing guard brings joy by waving at drivers

Nothing says hometown hospitality like seeing a crossing guard wave at everybody driving by.

His name is Bill Lobb and he has been a crossing guard for South Side Grade School since the beginning of this school year.

“I started waving because I would see my friends drive by and I would wave at them. But then other cars behind them would wave back at me,” Bill said. “I thought it was neat so I continued doing it.”

Bill and his wife Jill moved back from Florida a couple of years ago to be with their kids and grandkids.

They are both retired and wanted to do something to pass the time. Jill is currently a cafeteria monitor at Central Grade School.

One morning while Bill was waving, an older gentleman came by and told him that his waving was a great way to share good will to people and then told him God Bless.

“After that old man, Bill got blessed by everyone,” Jill said. “Everyone started waving back at him and smiling.”

They know that even a wave can make someone’s day and that’s why Bill continues to do it.

“The kids are a joy to be around. They will make you laugh and tell you how their day was,” he said.

Bill is a crossing guard on Fourth Street.

“Bill is extremely reliable and is a very friendly guy,” Todd Schuette, assistant principal for Central Grade School, said. “He puts a smile on people’s faces in the morning when they drive down Fourth Street.”

Bill isn’t the only crossing guard for Unit 40.

Rebekah Fielitz has been a crossing guard since the mid-80s and stopped in 2004. She started back up this school year and enjoys working with the kids.

She knows that being a crossing guard is important.

“It’s not as easy as it looks,” she said. “The children’s safety and my safety are on the line when we walk onto the road.”

Fielitz is also a crossing guard for West Side School and works on Fayette Avenue, which is a high traffic area.

Lynn Meek is a crossing guard on Wabash Avenue for South Side Grade School and has been one for three years.

“I love the people and kids I see every day,” she said. “I enjoy having a positive attitude and brightening people’s days.”

Meek’s sister, Lisa Eirhart, said that she remembers a specific memory where kids were writing their favorite time during the day.

“One kid wrote that their favorite time of day is at 3 p.m. because that was when they would get to see Lynn,” Eirhart said.

Being a crossing guard is about human connections and the safety of children.

“All of our crossing guards do a wonderful job and love their jobs,” Schuette said.

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