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Darlene and Larry Logue won the Classic Christmas Category in the Holiday Lights & Festive Sights Contest in Effingham.

Logue's voted Classic Christmas winner

News Report Staff

Decorations can be fun to look at and certainly walk through.

It’s hard enough to decorate the inside of the house, let alone the entire yard.

But Larry and Darlene Logue, along with 8-year-old daughter Katie, do it well.

So well, in fact, they were voted as a winner of the Classic Christmas Category in the Holiday Lights & Festive Sights Contest in Effingham.

And they weren’t a first-time winner.

“Last year, we got first place in the Clark Griswold Category,” Darlene said. “It’s nice to win a different category.”

For Darlene and her family, Christmas decorating is more than a month-0long process.

“This year we got behind on decorating because we had to redo our patio,” Logue said. “Normally, we start at the end of October or early November.”

Most would think that’s early, but the process of checking out all the lights is what takes the most time. If one light bulb is out then they all go out.

“We normally will plug everything in, check the lights, put everything up, and we wait to officially plug them in until Thanksgiving night,” Darlene noted.

They have a wide variety of decorations and have obtained them from stores, people donating them and sometimes even making their own.

“It saves money by making your own decorations,” Darlene said. “My husband’s favorite movie is the Grinch and he wanted to make one of his own.”

They have obtained most of their decorations by people dropping them off at their house.

They like to add to their decorations every year. This year they added a lot of blow-up decorations outside with the money they won last year. They have noticed that they take a lot of work and it only takes a little wind to blow them over.

With their winnings this year, they decided they might use it for the electric bill.

Another new thing they added this year is the walk-through light show in their back yard. They have so many decorations that they can’t fit them all in the front yard.

Darlene wanted to give everyone a chance to walk through and see all of her lights on display. She also has a waterproof speaker outside playing Christmas music for everyone to get into the holiday spirit.

When Darlene was young, she always loved seeing the Christmas lights and she wanted to carry that tradition on for everyone else.

“We love and enjoy seeing people look at our lights,” she said.

The Logue’s lights can be admired at 805 E. Jefferson Avenue in Effingham.

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