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Richard and Pauline Worman won the Clark Griswold Category in the Holiday Lights & Festive Sights Contest in Effingham.

Worman's win Clark Griswold Category

Filling the yard with as many Christmas decorations as possible is what the Worman family was thinking when they entered in the Clark Griswold Category for the Holiday Lights & Festive Sights Contest in Effingham.

Clark Griswold is the main character from the classic holiday movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and is known for covering his entire yard and house with Christmas decorations.

The Worman’s were no exception to the holiday decorating.

Richard, 83, and Pauline, 82, have been Christmas decorating for 45 years and haven’t entered in the competition before.

Due to health issues and age, they weren’t going to put up their decorations this year. But their family and neighbors insisted.

“Our three sons and a young friend came over to help put up all of the decorations,” Richard said. “It was a nice surprise to win.”

They had heard about the cash prize and thought why not give it a shot and try to win.

Their yard has a Nativity scene and a bunch of Christmas lights. But one of their decorations stands out the most.

When you walk up to their house, there is a little Santa face off to the side and if it senses any movement it will say certain phrases.

“The Santa next to the door is my favorite thing we have out there,” Richard said. “It scares a lot of people.”

“When you have been decorating so long, people usually come up and ask when we are going to be putting up the decorations,” Pauline said. “It’s just so hard nowadays because we keep all of the decorations in the basement and it’s hard to get down there.”

The Worman’s favorite holiday is Christmas. Richard loves it so much that he has been Santa at the Santa House for 30 years.

This year marks his last, however.

“I’m going to miss seeing the kids and getting to interact with everyone,” Richard said.

They don’t know what they are going to do with their winnings yet, but are still surprised they won.

“I know there are more houses that deserved to win,” Pauline said. “But it’s always nice to win money.”

Their holiday decorations can be seen at 910 N. Merchant in Effingham.

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