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Alex Wright proposed to Lindsay Lundquist in Colorado recently. With the help of a local photographer, it was a special moment.

Alex Wright proposal a picture perfect moment

Photographs can be physical reminders of special moments in one’s life that can be enjoyed for many years.

For Alex Wright, of Dieterich, this was the reason he knew he wanted the moment he proposed to his girlfriend to be photographed.

Alex met his girlfriend, Lindsay Lundquist, five years ago when at college at Eastern Illinois University. Though the two grew up in neighboring towns, the two never knew each other until mutual friends introduced them at college.

The two remained friends until two years ago when they decided to start dating.

It was around this past Memorial Day that Alex decided that he was going to propose to Lindsay. He asked for her mother’s permission and then began the hunt for the perfect ring. Once Alex bought the ring, he then began to plan on how exactly he would propose.

The couple had plans to visit Lindsay’s extended family in Colorado at the beginning of September. It was then that Alex decided it would be on this trip where he would propose.

The only problem, Alex had never been to Colorado before and did not know where the best location would be to pop the question. The only thing he knew for sure was that he wanted a professional photographer to be there to capture the moment. That’s when he started calling and emailing around to photographers based in Colorado.

That’s when he came in contact with Lisa Doane, of Lisa Doane Photography.

“I knew that this was going to be a special moment for us and I knew Lindsay would appreciate if I could get photos of the proposal. So I emailed several Denver area photographers a few weeks before my surprise proposal and Lisa was by far the most helpful,” explained Alex. “Having never been to Colorado, she listed several places for me to propose based on some of the criteria I gave her.”

According to Lisa, she was beyond thrilled to photograph such a special event and started sending Alex loads of locations where he could propose, but where she could also remain incognito.

After throwing out several location ideas, Alex decided Bear Lake was the place. Lisa found a rock that jutted out into the water through lots of research online, and imagined it being the perfect picturesque spot.

Alex was on board. So, all Lisa had to do was make sure she was in the right place at the right time. Since there was no cell service in the area, Lisa tied a colorful bandana to her camera backpack and sent a picture of it to Alex so he would know who she was.

On the morning of Sept. 1, the couple set off to Bear Lake. They started hiking and when they reached the lake, Alex saw the colorful bandana strapped to Lisa’s backpack. He headed to his destination while Lisa headed to hers.

“I remember being nervous,” admits Alex. “I then made up a story about how I had picked up a sandstone during our hike the previous day, and how I now had a different rock that I wanted to show her.”

“I then turned around and he was on his knee with a ring in his hand,” remembers Lindsay. “I instantly started crying and, of course, I said yes!”

Lisa then revealed herself and the couple had an engagement photograph session with Lisa following the proposal.

According to Lindsay, “Alex did a really good job.” She was very impressed with Alex’s decision to have the moment photographed, while Alex was simply happy that he didn’t drop the ring in the lake!

The two have already began planning and are hoping to have a September wedding next year.

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